iPhone 7cs Concept ?!


We’re talking about a set of 20 multi colored meta casings and integrate a dual camera as a standard. 64 GB of storage is the starting point here and the Apple logo is able to light up for notifications and also be used to take photos in the dark. This iPhone 7cs concept goes all wireless, in both charging and music headphone connections.

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From what I can see, the case is basically made of glass, maybe even the cool new Gorilla Glass 5 that was recently detailed. The designer has cut the upper side above the screen quite a bit and the resolution seems rather small, judging by the big icons. I can’t quite say what a meta casing is, but I expect it to be something in the vein of modularity… Not bad looking I have to say.Also I see that the dual camera is rather small and we also get Beats acoustics.

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