We love apps. We love free apps. And we love paid apps being given away for free most of all. But we don’t like pirates and we don’t like stealing. There are plenty of legal ways to get paid apps for free on Android – including in the Play Store – and we’re going to share a few with you. Here’s our guide on how to get free paid Android apps.

Before we continue, it’s worth pointing out that free apps may cost in other ways: as one study discovered, ad-funded apps can use an average of 79 percent more mobile data than the ad-free equivalents. If you’re on a limited monthly mobile data plan, choosing the “free” version of an app may be a false economy.

Google Play free app of the week
Google Play has taken a leaf out of Amazon’s book and introduced a free app of the week promotion, where a previously paid-for app is available for nothing. It’s done a rubbish job of promoting it though, and it’s hidden away where you’re unlikely to stumble across it.

To access the Google Play free app of the week, use your device to visit the Family section of the Play Store. You should now see a banner promising a free app of the week. If you tap it you’ll see an install dialog that tells you what the app is and what it normally costs. Even then you don’t get an app summary, just the title and icon.

How Do I Download Paid Apps For Free?  iOS

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Step 2: Tap when prompted to install our temporary secure profile, which is immediately deleted upon installation and used to create your account.
Step 3: Verify your humanity by tapping the recaptcha prompt and start earning points by downloading free sponsored apps!

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