iPhone 8 – Innovative Camera


Every iPhone camera released so far by Apple features some sort of upgrade over its predecessor. From larger pixels to more megapixels and the ability to shoot even slower slo-mo videos, the iPhone camera keeps on getting a jump with every single release. But what will the iPhone 8 bring to the table in the camera department when it’s released? A concept aims to answer that, in the most bizarre and crazy way possible.
The first few seconds of the video are absolutely stunning if you’re asking us. After all, who doesn’t want a smartphone that is smart enough to collapse in on itself and take a photo of you in the coolest possible way, right? Well, practically it’s the most absurd thing ever, and something which only looks good on paper, or as a concept, like the one above. What if you accidentally drop the smartphone when it’s in its collapsed form, ready to take a photo? We’re pretty sure you get the jive here.

New iPhone 8 Camera Concept Is Pure Crazy, Probably Will Never Be A Reality
Before you even watch this concept spring into action, let me make it really very clear that this is something which Apple will never ever make, for obvious reasons. If you still can’t figure out why I’m saying this, then take a look at the video down below.

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