iPhone 8 Super Slim


While the iPhone 7 only launched recently, there is already plenty of speculation about what changes Apple will introduce to the iPhone 8.

The 2017 iPhone has yet to be officially named, but most analysts believe that it will be known as the iPhone 8. Following Apple’s decisions to retain the same basic style from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone 7, it is thought that the company will make a major overhaul for the iPhone 8.

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An all-glass and bezel-free render of the iPhone 8 with OLED curved display and wireless charging that Apple is expected to release 2H 2017
Apple will introduce three iPhone models in 2017 and headlined by a super-thin handset codenamed Ferrari, the latest rumors from China indicated. Not only that the exterior of the device is reengineered on release date but the insides will also have a unique motherboard design.

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