iPhone 8 Will Change Everything!


iPhone 8 – 2017

Wireless charging.
Glass body around metal frame.
Bezel free edge-to-edge display.
AMOLED 4K display.
Possible use of display for Touch ID, eliminating the space consuming home button.
The iPhone 8 might look like this as a result.

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Of course, many of the significant changes that the supply chain doesn’t have access to could appear in major new software features of iOS 10 this year and iOS 11 in 2017. This will likely include additional security measures that would make an iPhone essentially unhackable.

My take on these rumors is that there’s enough independent information to begin to form a picture of what we might see in September. If the list for the iPhone 7 comes to pass, there will be millions who will want to upgrade. But the question is, as always, how many milions? It could well depend on what’s offered in iOS 10.

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