This program can help you find lost Air Pods


Search around the house wireless headphones AirPods can be a real problem. Appeared in the App Store app, through which you can easily find the lost headset.
“Why pay for a replacement, if our app will find your headphones?”, – asking the developers.

The application is called the Finder for AirPods and works very simply. To search for AirPods must be run on the iPhone app, choose which of the headphones got lost and walk around the house with the gadget in his hands. The indicator on the screen will show the distance from the user’s earphone.

As for AirPods Finder – the first app of its kind, the developers have set it fairly high price tag of 300 rubles. But replacing the earpiece will cost much more, this service from Apple costs $ 70.

AirPods went on sale last month. The start of sales of the device for technical reasons was postponed several times, but on 13 December, Apple has started official sales. The cost of a wireless headset in Russia is 13 000 rubles, and the package includes a special cover, which is a portable dock for the device, as well as Lightning cable. At the moment the delivery time headphones is 6 weeks

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